Bremen Town Musicians Play at Templeton Farmers Market This Morning

One thing I look forward to at Templeton’s Farmers Market is seeing which musicians might be there playing for tips. Bremen Town wasn’t the only performance, but it was drawing the largest crowd, and I’m afraid I walked right past the other person playing in my hurry to not miss the rest of what I was hearing — “I’ll Fly Away.” The song itself has been a favorite of mine since I was in a choir at Monte Vista Presbyterian Church in Newbury Park, California long before I moved to Templeton. It was the last song our choir sang under Ron Melampy’s leadership, since he resigned shortly thereafter. It was obvious he enjoyed it as much as we did, which added to our sorrow when he left us.

Bremen Town gave this an entirely different rendition than our choir did, since we were accompanied by an organ — not string instruments. This had more of a folk sound that was just right for the environment. If you’d like to hear more, you can find them at Bremen Town’s web site.

On the way home from Farmers Market I stopped to take a short photo walk.  I parked at the Turley Tasting Room Parking lot and got some of the pictures I’ve been wanting of the green vineyards with dormant vines which we only see after the winter rains.  The photo here is right across from the tasting room.

Dormant vineyard in Templeton after winter rains green up the ground

Riding in tandem on Vineyard Dr in Templeton, California on 2-5-2011

As I was walking with my camera in hand along Vineyard Drive, this couple rode by and said I could take their picture. I didn’t think it would come out, but it did.

Riding in tandem on Vineyard Dr in Templeton, California on 2-5-2011[/caption]Today was almost like spring.