Get in on the Ground Floor at Zurker

Zurker is a social network so new it’s still in beta. It’s different because it’s not owned by a large corporation. When you join, you will get a vShare¬†— a unit of equity in the Zurker Project allocated to members during alpha and beta testing.

It’s also different because anyone who spams anyone else will be terminated. Also, it will enforce copyright laws on its pages for both text and images.

When you join, you get one lifetime account, but you can have several entities. The entities are not active yet, and will not be free, but neither will they be expensive enough to discourage people from setting them up if they need them.

The interface itself has many more features than I can go into here, but the details are all on the Zurker site. You can connect with people (two-way) or subscribe (one-way). The wall will have a different function than on Facebook. It seems to be quite in tune with the best features of all social networks. When you join, you can immediately send invitations to your friends to build your own social network. And when Zurker finally goes public, you will have a piece of the pie.

Update: I’m in on the ground floor, but so far, the documentation on how to post, share links, and upload photos seems to be lacking. I will keep you posted as I continue to learn how to use this site. I have connected with a few other early members.