Do We Need More Regulation on “Aggressive” Dogs?


Dogs Protecting Property from Fenced Yard

Dogs Protecting Property from Fenced Yard

Some citizens and county government officials are concerned that if children or anyone else walks past a dog in someone’s yard that seems ferocious and appears to be able to get loose from the yard, there is nothing animal control or police can do about it until the dog actually gets loose and hurts someone. Animal Services Manager Eric Anderson would like to see the country be proactive in preventing attacks from such aggressive dogs.

There will be a hearing on March 6, 2012 about an ordinance Anderson and county Health Agency Director Jeff Hamm will be introducing on a “menacing and aggressive animals” ordinance they have drafted. This ordinance will be introduced at the Board of Supervisor’s Meeting next Tuesday.

I’m not a dog owner, and have met such “aggressive” dogs I thought would jump their fences many times. I try to cross by on the other side of the road and not provoke them. Even so, I’m not sure this is the right direction to go, since, as some pointed out, some very sweet-tempered dogs get aggressive and noisy when they are defending their territory. It’s also true that some children tease dogs as they pass by, and, in my opinion, dog owners should not be penalized for this by having to get “security” fences when the dogs are being provoked. If you are concerned about this, read more from this Tribune article. I will try to stay on top of this issue here, as well.

Do you think regulations that force dog-owners to upgrade their fencing because of what might happen are necessary? Or do you think parents should teach their children how to behave around dogs — especially those they don’t know?  Many dog owners have said passing children tease their dogs and pretend they will climb over a fence.