Looks Like Spring is Almost to the North County

Tree with multi-color blossoms on Oak near 6th Street in Paso Robles

Tree with Multi-Color Blossoms on Oak Near 6th Street in Paso Robles

As I drove to the post office today I noticed a lot of trees are blooming or budding and getting ready to bloom. The trees in the parking lot of the Paso Robles library are just starting to blossom. Almond trees are blooming. And my favorite flowering tree, the one you see above, is also beginning to bloom.

I remember this spectacular tree from last year. It’s special because it has blossoms in two different colors — light and dark pink. When it’s in full bloom, it’s stunning. Keep an eye out for it if you drive between Spring and Vine Street on 6th Street. It’s a couple of houses west of 6th on Oak Street. You can’t miss it if you’re looking. And you simply must look, or you will miss something special. So next time you are driving on Spring, take a small detour on 6th Street and have a look.