Threat to Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly in SLO County

Most people who read this blog are probably too busy working, creating art,  making wine, enjoying the fair, or just living life to pay much attention to what your local government officials are doing. After all, going to meetings of the Board of Supervisors sounds about as pleasant to some as a trip to the dentist. But some issues are important enough to point out here. One is the attempt to abridge our First Amendment rights.

Here are some details:

Part of the proposed ordinance being discussed tomorrow is included in this article. It basically gives the county the right to determine who may set up booths, pass out flyers, assemble, etc. on county property. It will require a permit, giving the county the authority to keep any group or person out. Both liberal and conservative groups are against this new ordinance passing, since even passing out a flyer without a permit or setting up a both across from Farmers market for information about your group can get you a $500 fine or jail sentence.

This will be discussed at 9 AM tomorrow morning, Tuesday, July 24, at the County Building in San Luis Obispo. I will be there, even though I’m normally thinking about getting up at that time of morning. I hope you will be there, too, or if you can’t be there, you can email your supervisors.

Email each Board of Supervisors and tell them what you think of this ordinance.

•   District 1    Frank Mecham

•   District 2    Bruce Gibson

•   District 3    Adam Hill

•   District 4    Paul Teixeira    

•   District 5    James Patterson

We have to nip these intrusions on our constitutional rights in the bud.

Here’s something else you might want to read about my first experience last week making a public comment before the board. Do You Know What Your Local Government is Doing?

3 comments for “Threat to Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly in SLO County

  1. MrDazzling
    July 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Our alleged representatives are a joke at best. They impose laws on the law abiding taxpayer to take our focus of the obvious, while turning a blind eye to the crimes and illegal activities brought to our once safe small towns. Jobs are given to illegals with false documents as cooks, housekeepers, etc… It is a shame no one seems to have the strength to do the right thing. Our state is broke, our schools a joke (no child left behind) free lunch programs to illegals, and yet our own citizens can’t feed their children?! Something is wrong, and it starts at our borders. Our elected officials need to close the flood gates verses imposing lame restrictions to create revenue for the county. The state could save 10 billion annually if we started deporting illegals through attrition. If I get pulled over, I must produce my driver license; if I am in another country I must care my passport. So anyone who thinks this cannot be enforced, they are the problem. Lois Capps you are part of the problem, are you listening, or pandering to your liberal contributors as usual?

    • July 23, 2012 at 5:42 pm

      That’s why we need to keep an eye on them. They think we aren’t paying attention unless we let them know we aren’t happy and make our voices heard at the meetings or by calls and email. Complaining among ourselves does no good at all and only discourages us. If they don’t listen, we need to vote them out. We need to support opposition that will listen, and if they don’t, we vote them out, too. We as a people, I’m afraid, get the government we deserve. Electing someone is only the beginning of what we have to do. We also have to hold them accountable. That’s why I will continue to speak up. 

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