Don’t Forget Free Defend Rural America Seminar on Saturday

Just one of hundreds of rural properties in San Luis Obispo County

Just one of hundreds of rural properties in San Luis Obispo County that needs protection.

This is a free educational seminar on October 13, designed to help people in rural areas fight back against the new regulations that are currently being proposed or will be proposed later that could affect the ability of rural folks to stay on their land. This affects farmers and ranchers who supply you with your food. It affects those who bought rural property to retire and live a peaceful life during their last years. It also affects the businesses who depend on rural folk being there to patronize their own businesses. So this basically affects everyone — even those in town and in the cities.

You can get more information and details on this event and preregister at Defend Rural America. Not mentioned in that information is an important update. Author G Edward Griffin will be attending our Defend Rural America Event on Saturday and has donated a signed copy of his book on the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island for our silent auction. Many other items have also been donated for the auction, so don’t forget to bring your checkbook or credit card in case you see something you want to bid on.