Shopping Surprise In Walmart Center

Rainbow Surprise from J.C.Penny Parking Lot

Rainbow Surprise from J.C.Penny Parking Lot, December 27 just before sundown.

If there’s anything I hate, it’s shopping for clothes — especially when I’m tired after a trip and just want to stay home and rest. But something I wanted was on sale at Big 5, and I thought I’d see check out Penny’s and Kohl’s after Christmas sales while I was there. I’m glad I went. After I’d finished my purchase at Big 5 the sky was magnificent. As I headed toward Larry Moore Park from behind J.C. Penny, I happened to turn around and look back and saw this rainbow. I learned from a couple of other bystanders that it had been a double rainbow and I’d been too late, but in case you missed seeing even this one, I thought I’d share. It must have been raining to the east, but it was very clear where I was.

As I headed toward the park again, I couldn’t believe the splendor of the sky as the sun set. I kept chasing shot after shot. The one below is one I especially like, since it’s shot with my favorite battered cottonwood tree in the foreground. Enjoy. Seeing the sky made the shopping trip worth it, though I still hated the shopping part.

Sunset Over Larry Moore Park

Sunset Over Larry Moore Park, December 27.