Meet Susanna Hoy, Landscape Artist

Susanna Hoy with her paintings

Susanna Hoy stands beside some of her painting in her studio at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles

I met Susanna on my last visit to Studios on the Park a week ago. It felt really good to be back after a period of being too busy or too sick to pursue my normal interests. There were so many new artists in residence and so much rearranging of studios and who was in them that I felt a bit lost. Now I can’t even remember who was in each studio before.

As I entered a studio with three new artists, it was Susanna’s time to be on duty. I looked around and saw some of my favorite kind of painting — landscape. Susanna paints en plein air, so her paintings  draw you into familiar territory and reflect the beauty we see everyday in San Luis Obispo County and beyond.

Up & Away by Susanna Hoy

Up & Away by Susanna Hoy

One item in the studio that day was most unusual. It’s a decorative lamp titled “Up & Away.” As I looked at it, I couldn’t decide whether the attached parts on this fluid acrylic decorative piece were falling leaves or butterflies. The color was right for either. Susanna said it was up to the viewers interpretation. Whether adorned with leaves or butterflies, it’s quite an original idea. Maybe you’d like to give it a good home. It will light up your life.

You can meet Susanna and  acquire this treasure (if it’s still there after the weekend is over) at her studio at Studios on the Park. If you’re too late, you don’t have to leave empty-handed, since there is bound to be something else that catches your eye.