It’s Definitely Autumn

Home on Highway 46 West

Storm in Highway 46 West Region, November 21, 2013


At Last!

To a thirsty land.

We welcomed the rain this week. It wasn’t much, but every bit helps.

The Atascadero Lake was especially hard hit during the drought. Take a look at the difference between July 2012 and November, 2013.┬áThis third of an inch of rain won’t go very far in filling it up, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Croad Vineyard in November

Croad Vineyard in November

After the rain stopped, I went out with my camera to chase the clouds. In the process I noticed the vines in the Croad Vineyard, across my back fence, were still dressed in their autumn best. Many of the vineyards are already turning brown, but some, like this one, still show some red.

Library Entrance in Autumn

Paso Robles Library has new outside leaf carpet.

This afternoon I took advantage of the clear skies to take some books back to the library. All that wind and rain this week pretty well stripped the ornamental pear trees, but they made a colorful carpet on the lawn.

It’s finally feeling like autumn, and as I write this at 2 AM on Saturday morning, it may be sliding into the thirties outside. The weather forecast said it might. It may be a cold morning at the Templeton Farmers Market.