Foot Surgery Kept Me Confined to Home

Flanders Poppy

This Flanders poppy started to bloom on May 10.


Since April 14 I have been living mostly the life of a shut-in. That was the day I had foot surgery.The official name for this partial toe joint replacement is a hemi-implant arthroplasty of the first MTP. My podiatrist, Dr. Gunasayan, believed that was the best way for someone like me who likes to walk a lot to be able to comfortably wear shoes again and start walking again as soon as possible.

Up until yesterday, I was wearing an orthopedic shoe. I have only been able to drive again for a week, but I still had to restrict the amount of time was on my feet. Now I am self-restricted to what feels comfortable. If you’d like to know more about the surgery itself, you can read my report of how it went here: I’m Back from the Hospital. I have reported the milestones of my convalescence in my Bubblews posts which you can find in my Bubblews profile there.

So now I’m wearing my most comfortable shoes again, but I still limit time on my feet to what I must do. I’m not quite ready to take that docent-led three-mile hike along the Salinas River Trail that is so tempting. So far it seems a bit far just to go get the mail.

I have been able to take a few photos of my garden, though, I’ve not been able yet to pull the weeds that the few rains we had brought me. I was delighted, though, to see that this volunteer poppy sprang up in my Paso Robles garden to cheer me. It’s just in time for Memorial Day. Once I recover enough to start weeding again, I’ve got the gardens here in Paso Robles and in Templeton to tend to.

Both are full of grassy weeds that look ugly next to the flowers they are invading. At least in Templeton the thistles and poison hemlock have a certain beauty. Of course, I don’t much think the bull thistle is attractive when it sneaks into my grape vine enclosure. I guess I didn’t get all those thistle remains out last year after all, but I sure tried.

Bull Thistle Invading Grape Vine

Bull Thistle Invading Grape Vine

Much as I enjoy sitting around reading all the time, I know these weeds won’t go away by themselves. It is very tempting to over-exert, but not too smart. At least I can finally write normally. One reason I’m so behind on my blogs is how I’ve had to use the computer.

Using Laptop with Feet Up

This is how I had to use the computer while keeping my foot above heart level.


I was pretty well confined to my bed or my recliner. I used an extra pillow to keep my foot propped up, and I had to put my laptop on a lap desk on my lap.  I have to have a mouse to function, so I did need the lap desk. It was also handy for eating.

I was not allowed to get up without my special shoe, or get up at all during the first two weeks unless I needed to use the bathroom, eat, or go to bed. That’s why I set up a table by my chair for everything I’d need — notebooks, files, folders, books to read, my Kindle, etc. On the other side of my chair, under the drape from the table cover, I kept water and snacks. Getting up was quite a production. First I’d have to take the computer off the lap desk, the lap desk off my lap, the pillows off the foot of the chair, and then put the footrest of the chair back down. When I sat down again, I did it all in reverse.

So now you know where I’ve been and why I’ve been so quiet. I didn’t go anywhere but to see my doctor for a month. The only photos I took were on the way to and from the doctor or in the yard. Some of my limitations were lifted two weeks ago so that I could spend two hours a day with my feet down, and most of that was doing chores.

I’m not happy about missing the hike or the coming Festival of the Arts, but that’s how life is sometimes. As I reach full recovery, I expect to be off on my photo walks again and doing them more comfortably. That will give me a lot more to post here.