Rainbow Motivates My First Photo Walk Since Surgery

Rainbow over Veris Vineyard

Rainbow over Veris Vineyard on a sunny day with no rain.

I’m not really supposed to be out walking in the vineyards yet, but on the way to Paso Robles Wednesday night, I couldn’t help myself. As I drove east, there was a rainbow. The sky was full of clouds, but there wasn’t any rain.

I’m a rainbow chaser. The first place I could pull off the road with a decent chance of getting a rainbow photo was the parking lot at Peachy Canyon Tasting Room. It was after hours, so the parking lot was empty. Even the cats had made themselves scarce and weren’t visible. They were probably sleeping in back.

I walked over to the dirt road next to the parking lot and continued until I got past the trees and had a clear view of the rainbow. The result is what you see above. it wasn’t the largest or brightest bow I’ve ever seen, but it was still a rainbow — the first I’ve seen this year. Most rainbows I see in this county seem to be this vertical type.

As I returned to the parking lot, I passed the tasting room again. It was so peaceful nestled in the center of the trees and the vines.

Peachy Canyon Tasting Room

Peachy Canyon Tasting Room nestled among the vines and trees near the end of May.

It’s no wonder that those who pass by and see this inviting area want stop and relax, taste some wine, and have a picnic near the gazebo.

Peachy Canyon Picnic Area

Peachy Canyon Picnic Area

I regret that I have to miss the PASO ARTSFEST this weekend because I’m still not up to all the walking it would take. It’s been a memorable experience in years past, so be sure and go and take your children for a free family friendly activity. For an idea of what it’s like, check out my photo and video walk through the 2012 Festival of the Arts.