Celebrate Independence Day in the North County


One of the things I’m most thankful for is that I was born in the United States of America. I realize my country isn’t perfect, but no country is perfect. Has our country sinned in its past? What country hasn’t? Those trying to rewrite our history to make America seem uniquely evil in its treatment of its people and other nations seem unaware of American’s influence for good in the world. We have used our wealth to help those in need, both as individuals and as a country.

It makes no sense at all to look backward from our current understanding of liberty and morality and hold accountable those who grew up in a different culture to the standards we have today. Slavery is bad. Yet it has existed almost since the beginning of time all over the world, and still exists in some cultures today. Our country finally recognized this and made slavery illegal in America. America paid the price for it with a terrible civil war.

No one can expect that America could live by today’s expectations in an entirely different period of history. Each country is a product of its age. America was not unique in participating in the evils (like slavery)that were common in its founding period. What was unique was that our founding fathers wanted to pave the path for every American to reach his full potential.

It was not common in the 1600’s  for people to  rise above the station in life they were born to. You were part of the ruling or noble class, or part of the subservient class, with little chance to improve your lot in life. If your father was a blacksmith, it was unlikely you would ever get the chance to become a doctor or lawyer. Most people had no education. There have been poor people since the beginning of time. It was America that made social mobility possible for the first time. This is true today no matter what your race or how poor your parents are.

Some of our 20th Century presidents made bad decisions. For example, Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to send American citizens of Japanese descent to interment camps for no other reason than who their parents were.( See my review of Thin Wood Walls.) Even our previous and current president have made bad decisions that have been paid for in blood and may destroy our economy.

Our past and present sins are a blight on our country, but that doesn’t mean American is the bully of the world or that we need to become less powerful to make other countries better off.  We cannot help those who are weaker by becoming weak ourselves. That simply clears a path for the real bullies today.

Today, tyranny threatens us again as it did before our nation’s founding. We have a president who considers himself above the Constitution that was written to limit the power of the federal government and each of its branches. It was written to insure that the President’s power would be balanced with that of Congress and that the Supreme Court could make sure the Constitution was followed. When a president usurps the power of Congress to make law and refuses to enforce the laws that Congress has made, he can be considered a tyrant.

Liberty under law is a precious gift our founding fathers bequeathed to us. As we celebrate that liberty this year, let us pledge to do all in our power to keep this nation free. Here are some places in North San Luis Obispo County where you can celebrate with others.

America’s birthday celebrations abound in the North County this year. There is a an all-day event in Atascadero kicking off at the Faces of Freedom Memorial beginning at 7:30 AM. The Charles Paddock zoo will open at 10 AM with free admission for the day, and there will be games, a pie-eating contest, and many other attractions. See the details of the Atascadero Celebration here. 

Festivities in Templeton kick off with  the parade, which begins at 10 AM along Main Street and Crocker. Afterwards is the picnic in the park with games, live music, and food and crafts for purchase. The food and craft vendors will stay until 3 PM. read more about these activities in the Paso Robles Press story.

Paso Robles has a multitude of choices for those who want to celebrate the Fourth of July. Festivities begin at 11 AM with a children’s parade around the park. This is followed by a picnic in the park from noon to 4. Fireworks to Celebrate both Independence and the city’s 125th Anniversary will be in the city park at 9:15.  See all the Paso Robles choices, including the musical menu.

2013 July 4th at Sculpterra

2013 July 4th – Sculpterra

We plan to go to Dr. Frankel’s party at Sculpterra from 12 to 4. We went last year and had  wonderful time. It’s great for conversation, music, and just relaxing. I call it the adult party because there’s no specific entertainment or games for the children, but it’s still a family event and some children come with their parents. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are provided, and you can buy wine in the tasting room if you wish. We enjoy the opportunity to talk with those of like mind who want to see America remain a beacon of light in a dark world.

In the same vein, America:Imagine the World Without Her by Dinesh D’Souza, opens July 2 in Paso Robles at the Park Cinemas. We are being told today that America is no longer great and the power it has had was due to its plunder of other countries. Our real history is being rewritten to reflect this view, and this revised history is what most children now learn in school. To move into the future wisely, we need to understand the real story of our past. That’s what this movie helps us to do.

Here’s the information on the showing.

Movie is 103 minutes long.

Wed & Thu: (11:15), (1:45), (4:15), 6:45, 9:15

Tickets On Sale Now

Park Cinemas – Showtimes (Official Site)

 What will you do on July Fourth this year?