North County Backroads: Dover Canyon Road

You Can See the Mountains behind These Trees Dressed in Moss

Join me on a peaceful walk along Dover Canyon Road in Paso Robles. I took this walk last week, right after a rainy day. I began at the Willow Creek Mennonite Cemetery and walked to the bridge and back — about two miles round trip, with only the sounds of birds and the brook to be heard.

North County March Weather Has Me Spinning in Circles

Looking across Lawrence Moore Park in Paso Robles from Riverbank to the 101 Freeway and Beyond

Everything is about the weather this week, since we’ve gone from storm to storm with another possibly hitting us on Saturday. This offers you an on-the-spot-report on the weather and its effects at Lawrence Moore Park in Paso Robles on Friday afternoon, complete with pictures.

Down by the Salinas Riverside between the Storms

Salinas River Flows into Access Path from Lawrence Moore Park, Paso Robles

Walk with me along the Salinas River after today’s storm and see how full it’s become. You will be amazed if you haven’t seen it lately. I walked along the Salinas River Trail in Lawrence Moore Park in Paso Robles, observing the current of the overflowing river , the broken tree branches, and the cloud formations in the blue sky. Words can’t describe it, so I’ve brought you the pictures.

Spring is Trying to Break Through Winter

Cloudy Sky at Almost Sunset in Mid-March

See and hear the sounds of the approaching storm on March 19, 2011, even as signs pointing to the coming spring are everywhere as trees regain their leaves and bloom along with the new tulips and daffodils. The weekend is off to a wet start.

Is It Winter or Spring in the North County?

Frost or hail on my Volvo in Templeton, CA, Feb. 27, 2011

It’s February 27, 2011, a Sunday, in Templeton and Paso Robles, CA, and it’s hard to tell if it’s spring or winter, with the ground wearing white and the trees dressed in pink blossoms. But by afternoon, the weather is perfect for a visit to the Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden.