Poison Oak is Most Dangerous in Winter

Poison Oak Along Salinas River Path in April

Winter is the season where even some of the most knowledgeable people can not recognize poison oak, and thus come in contact with it and break out. Here’s how to recognize it and what to do to be prepared before you get it.

Autumn Has Returned to the Vineyards

Autumn is one of the best times to enjoy the view of the vineyards. The vines are dressed in their brightest colors as October nears an end, and most of the grapes are in the process of harvest or already through it. I hope you seeing these vines as I did on October 23, 2012, in some of my local vineyards in Paso Robles and Templeton.

I’m Making Further Political Posts on a New Blog

In consideration for those who may not share my political views but would like to read more about the people, places and cultural events I have normally written about, I’m starting a new blog on a different site just for those who want to read about local politics. Tidbits from Templeton will henceforth be free of politics. Get the link to the political blog in this post.

Don’t Forget Free Defend Rural America Seminar on Saturday

Find out how you can help defend rural property owners who produce your food and patronize your businesses. New laws and regulations — many written by unelected state and county boards, could put small farms out of business, raise prices of locally grown food, or force rural property owners from their land. See what you can do to help.

An Ordinance to Help Protect Paso Robles from Prostitution

Ty Lewis Represents the Police Department at 10-10-12 Hearing on Massage Therapy Ordinance

For those interested in the hearing on the proposed Paso Robles ordinance on licensing for massage therapy establishments, I have recorded the 10-10-12 hearing on video. This blog summarizes my impressions and links to the video.