How Should I Vote on California Proposition 31?

What do you know about California Proposition 31? Did you know it changes the state constitution to take your local tax dollars away from local control to regional control by unelected boards? Here’s information you need to have before voting. The future of California depends on enough people seeing the Trojan Horse hidden in ballot Proposition 31.

Paso Robles City Council Meeting, September 18, 2012

Do you keep tabs on what the Paso Robles City Council does that might affect you? Are you aware of all the new ordinances that get passed or proposed each time it meets? Here’s what happened on September 18, 2012. Many citizens are not happy campers today.

Do You Live in a Rural or Semi Rural Area?

If you’re a farmer or rancher or enjoying a rural lifestyle, your way of life may be about to change. The federal government is putting more and more restrictions on rural land use, and in some cases even taking some private land for their own uses without just compensation. Learn how you can protect yourself by being proactive.

SLO County Board of Supervisors Does the Right Thing Today

The County Board of Supervisors votes to send proposed ordinance that would infringe on free speech rights back to the drawing board instead of advancing it for a hearing.